Make A Choice|Make A Change
While I would love to exercise my own personal gumption that I am an infinite foundation of knowledge spewing over with insightful tid-bits of wisdom...I'm not. I'm simply someone who has a great desire to live life unbound by the notion that I have to live life any other way than how I'd like it to be. In the immortal words of that confused woman played by Julia Robert in Eat Pray Love, " Ruin is the road to transformation." I find peace in this quote. No matter how confident or dauntless we might seem in the face of change, it is a scary thing. Whether you've stopped smoking, lost your job, quite your job, married, divorced or decided that you are a reincarnated fourth century Buddhist monk, we most often have to ruin all that we know ourselves to be, to find out who we really are. Email your stories to We'll help you share your stories right here on this page and I hope that they might help inspire others to make a choice to make a change.